Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blog Moved

I have officially moved my blog from Blogger to Wordpress.
The new address is:

And if you have the desire for a little pain, click my link to be bitten, at Monster Games. Catch you over on the dark side.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Romance Divas

Romance Divas
Author of the Month : Gemma Halliday – Contests workshop from the Golden Heart winner
Aug 5-7: Paranormal Event with Carrie Vaughn, LA Banks, CT Adams/Cathy Clamp, Gena Showalter, and Kelley Armstrong.
Aug 11 Jessica Faust: Bookends-inc agent in the Chatroom. 9 Eastern
August 8-18 :: Getting To Know The Voices in Your Head Workshop with Jo Ann Ferguson/Jocelyn Kelley
Aug 18 :: Theresa Meyers: PR/Promo in the Chatroom.
August 25 :: Ann Christopher, Patricia Sargeant, Maureen Smith and Sophia Shaw Multi-cultural Authors Chat

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jadyn Case

My favorite part of writing is the creating process, the brainstorming. I love when things click and a flood of new ideas rush to the surface of my consciousness. This is where I am right now. While working on Outrage, I could not get Jadyn Case out of my mind.

I originally created her as a pen name for my erotic romance writing. I fell in love with who is she and what she stands for, as well as her name. After some time, I realized I did not care for a lot of the erotic romance I was reading and could not (would not) write stories where sex was the main motivator. I am not a prude and adore sex and the kinkier side of sexuality, but I just kept reading boring, unbelievable crap...not all but most. Hopefully I was just very unlucky in what I picked up.

So, thoroughly disgusted, I chose to ignore the callings of ER but didn't want to lose my girl. Jadyn suddenly became the heroine in her own series. A clinical psychologist by day, erotic romance author (couldn't get rid of it completely) by night, she helps the police (sexy homicide Detective, Linc Wallace) solve cases of murder and deceit.

She has her own blog, which are considered to be her private diaries, and a website (coming soon), as well as a myspace page. I hope she becomes the success she already is in my heart for all of you.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Keep On Keeping On...

It's been longer than I wish. Life seems to just get away from you at times.
On the writing front... When the 1st rolled in and I told myself to start writing Hunted, I simply could not. There had not been enough distance from outline to first (second?) draft. So instead I started outlining another story that I got stuck on last Spring.

This one, is very special to my heart. It involves the struggles some women experience in a male dominated world, women who have yet to find their voice, their strength. Women who are subjugated through emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Coming from a family (and friends) filled with dysfunction, as so many of us do, I saw, sometimes firsthand, intelligent women dumbing themselves down for the ego of a man. The fear and acceptance of physical abuse destroys self-esteem and continues down the line.

Growing up in these environments often lead to low self-worth, and although one sex isn't more important then the other, females have many more disadvantages than males throughout life. Males rarely walk down a street in fear of being overpowered or sexually assaulted. Males are patted on the back when being assertive and not called bitches, and males are cheered on or labeled as players when they sleep around, not whores.

Shall I step off my soapbox now?
Maybe just for a bit. :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Under the influence of my peers, the Divas, I signed up for a MySpace account and entered their addictive world. The more I find (avatars, glitter, pics, dodas) the more I want to add, but I need to stop or soon enough it will resemble a child's page.

See what I mean! But now that I know I can add all the glitter I want to my blog...well, take out the sunglasses.
All in all though, I'm glad I set the page up and look forward to making more friends.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Website is Live

Well finally, right? I've only had the domain for a little less than a year.

Creating the site was a great deal of fun, uploading it was another issue. Actually once I received an answer on one question, it was pretty easy too.

You know how frustrating it is to have just enough knowledge to get by but not enough for it to make absolute sense? LOL Exactly! I can only hope as time goes on it will become more clear. I didn't even know what html tags were a year and a half ago.

Then I realized (at least I think) that I signed up for the wrong hosting account. I go through and chose the account with windows rather than linux. I signed up for windows because I was...well...clueless. Then after uploading the site I discovered two things: 1. my contact form needs to be formatted with cgi-bin, which I would have through Linux, not Windows, and 2. for WordPress I need to have php. Yeah, makes no sense to me either, but it meant I needed to change from Windows to Linux. Thank goodness it was just a matter of clicking one little button on godaddy's site. Whew!

So, take a look: My Site

I still have to get the contact page in order then figure out WordPress (eye roll).

Well now it's time to work on another personna.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I have been searching for affordable graphics to add to my website and blog for a year. I have searched through Google, Creative Commons, asked around... I couldn't find anything and wasn't speaking to the right people.

Well yesterday, the photo Gods were looking down on me. I discovered istockphoto. It has royalty-free photos of excellent quality, not just a bunch of silly clip art. Membership is free and each photo is purchased by credits, running between 1-5 credits per pic. Each credit costs $1 and are bundled $10, $25 and up.

As you can see from the heading of my blog, I found some exceptional photographs and am busy putting my website together. I hope to have it up and running next month. It's about time. I only purchased by domain name last September. ;)

If you'd like to earn 3 free credits from istockphoto, send me your full name and email address and I'll refer you.